Saudi Arabia: breastfeeding for adult men is encouraged

This news goes straight into the “you can’t make this shit up” category. It appears that Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia have recently issued a fatwa advocating that women should breastfeed milk to their close male colleagues and acquaintances. The reasoning? Islamic law in the kingdom strictly forbids unrelated men and women from mingling. However, a rule states that once a man takes milk from the breast of a woman, he would then be considered a relative and they therefore are allowed to socialize with one another. She wouldn’t even need to be veiled in his presence as his status as a relative means that he is not a potential mate.

The clerics are apparently in disagreement over whether or not it is necessary to feed the man milk directly from the woman’s breast or if just collecting the milk in a glass will do. Understandably, women in the country are upset and advocates of greater rights for women in Saudi Arabia point to this as yet another piece of evidence of how out of touch the Muslim clerics (who are all of course, male) are with how women actually think and feel.

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