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Fruitvale Station (2013)


Obviously I’m not American, but even I heard about the shooting of Oscar Grant by the BART Police in Oakland, California in 2009. I was a regular of the Quarter to Three forum at that time and I remember forum regulars who are Bay Area residents being abuzz over the incident. The incident resulted in Grant’s death and triggered huge protests and riots due to how widely amateur videos filmed using mobile telephones and personal cameras were disseminated online.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)


We caught this in the cinema due to my wife’s insistence. I quite liked the first movie. It was standard cartoon action fare but had excellent world-building and some of the best flight sequences ever put on screen. It also helped that the plot, while being yet another retelling of the hero’s journey, is tightly focused and easy to become immersed in.

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Her (2013)


There were two great science-fiction films in 2013. One was Gravity. Her is the other. Of the two, Gravity is immediately spectacular and impressive, wowing audiences with visuals the likes of which we’ve never seen before. But it will be Her that sticks in your mind and that you will talk about with your friends long after the credits have stopped rolling. With some luck, it could also be a film that reshapes how AI is perceived in the public mind for decades to come.

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True Detective (2014)


With the prevalence of cop shows on television, it takes something special to get us to watch one. This one was chosen upon the recommendation of our cinephile friend and because due to its first-class Hollywood acting talent, it’s clearly something outside of the norm. What we especially liked about it was it purported to tell a completely self-contained story in eight episodes. No need to commit to watching future seasons to find out what happened. No need to worry if quality will be maintained beyond the first season.

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