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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)


I’m someone who has only the vaguest of ideas of what the Mission: Impossible franchise entails. I’ve never watched any of the films starring Tom Cruise and was never a fan of any iteration of the television shows. In fact, when a character in the movie talks about disavowing the IMF, my first thought was to wonder how it had anything to do with the International Monetary Fund.

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Sherlock (2014)


I’m not sure why television shows in the UK are organized by series rather than by season. This post refers to the third series or season of the show that was released early in 2014. In any case, this is a highly unusual show since each season consists of only three episodes and the length of each episode is closer to what is expected of a movie than a television program. Also, each season seems to take two years to make since the first one appeared in 2010 and the previous one appeared in 2012.

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Capote (2005)


Philip Seymour Hoffman impressed me greatly in Synecdoche, New York, so when he passed away earlier this year and various people commented that his best role was in Capote, I knew I had to watch this film. Unlike my wife however, I don’t really read mainstream fiction so I only have the vaguest of ideas of who Truman Capote was. Furthermore, I tend not to like biography films, so I went in with reduced expectations.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


The Winter Soldier (I’m not going to use the unwieldy full title) marks the ninth instalment of the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s hard to believe that Marvel’s streak of hits has continued for so long but it has, and with this film, it continues to do so. I’m not a big fan of The First Avenger. I liked how it subverted the point of having a superhero but felt that its action scenes were underwhelming and its story too simplistic.

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