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Can you parallel park this well?

It’s been a while since I last posted a YouTube video as a post and since I’m busy at work today, here’s a video showing how well a modern computer equipped with suitable sensors can parallel park a car. Note that there’s a human driver in the car but he’s just there for safety reasons and is not driving the car in the maneuver shown in the video. Certainly few human drivers will be able to pull this off.

Originally seen on Marginal Revolution.

Top Gear reviews Proton

I spotted this from a thread in LYN. Check out these reviews of Proton cars by UK-based Top Gear. They seem to really, really hate the brand.

We don’t know what Malaysian motorists did to upset the gods, but it must have been something pretty serious, judging by the punishment they seem to be getting. Still, at least the domestic audience thinks this stuff is the norm – what on earth do they think they’re doing bringing it to the UK? Walk away.