When suicide is the right choice

This Foreign Policy blog post chose to highlight the cost of assisted suicide in Switzerland, but what struck me most about this news item was really how dignified the couple’s choice was and indeed how touching. The wife was aged 74 and suffering from terminal cancer with only weeks left to live. The husband was aged 85, going blind and deaf (which must have been especially painful given that he was a prominent conductor) and simply did not want to live without her, after having been together for 54 years.

This isn’t terribly surprising coming from someone like me, but I most definitely would want this option to be available to me. I can imagine few other cases that would serve as a better example than this one of why choosing to take one’s own life can sometimes be just the right one.

2 thoughts on “When suicide is the right choice”

  1. Even if we don’t agree with their actions, we should let them do it. Freedom of Choice in personal matters is everythinng. The state has no right to intefere. Btw, have you heard the story of the Malay women who will be canned for drinking a beer? Cheers….

  2. Yes, that news item did pop up on a popular local discussion forum. The thing to know with that case is that the caning sentence was handed down by a Syariah court rather than a regular criminal court so it’s applicable only to Muslims. Of course, the problem in Malaysia is that a Malay is legally a Muslim by definition. Great woe befalls someone who wants to be an apostate and leave the religion…

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