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Favorite Films (No. 3)

Once again, more than two years have passed since I last time I wrote one of these posts. Check out the first of these from back in 2007 here and my update from 2009 here. All the usual caveats apply: favorite films are not best films and the date that this post is made has nothing to do with the release dates of the films featured herein. Always consider these lists to be an addendum to previous lists, not a replacement. And since everyone hates reading long prefaces, let’s get right down to it and just refer to the previous posts if you’re still confused.

Spoilers may follow so consider yourself warned.
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Favourite Films (Updated)

It’s been nearly two years since I last wrote this post listing out five of my favourite films, so I thought it would be a good idea to update that list. Some caveats to preface this list with: first, think of this list as extending the previous one, not replacing it. By and large, I still like the films in the original list more than the ones here but I hate the idea of qualitatively ranking stuff in some numerical order, so I’m going to maintain the position that they’re always arranged in no particular order.

Second, the original dictum that these are films that are my personal favourites remains. There’s a reason why this list is called “Favourite Films” and not “Best Films” after all. I can completely understand if someone wants to counter one of my choices with something with greater artistic merit. I can even acknowledge something else as being qualitatively better while recognizing that I personally liked it less for a variety of reasons.

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