Software Boutique Victim of “Rasa Sayang” Spat

More Malaysians by now should be aware of the ridiculous spat between Indonesia and Malaysia over who owns the rights to the song Rasa Sayang, a popular folk song. It seems that its use by the Malaysian government to promote yet another tourism campaign triggered protests from Indonesians who claim that they rightfully own that song.

What most Malaysians probably don’t know that the argument has claimed an unlikely victim, the website of The Software Boutique, a Malaysia-based online games retailer. I’m in the market for some new games and have been trying to access the website for the store for the past few days without success. Curious, I dug around a bit and found this. It appears that angry Indonesian hackers hacked the website for Tourism Malaysia’s Rasa Sayang campaign. In the process, however, they seem to have also hacked every website that used the same hosting provider, and The Software Boutique was one of those. According to the same source, their store remains down until they manage to find a new hosting provider.

Considering that TSB is only one of two online games retailers that I know of in Malaysia, I’d be glad to see it up again. TSB has always had very quick customer service for me in the past. The other retailer that I know of, PC had much slower customer service, though they seem to have improved somewhat lately.

6 thoughts on “Software Boutique Victim of “Rasa Sayang” Spat”

  1. Most people think games are for children.That’s not true.
    While some games train our reflections, most games train our minds.
    Exercising the mind constantly makes one’s life interesting & exciting.
    So, he’s having a life man…..

  2. I’m a regular shopper at The Software Boutique as well.


    Okay, so that explains why their site was down for a few days.


    These bloody indons are too much!

    Do you know which web hosting company it was?


    P/S: Are you familar with WordPress? I can’t seem to have spaces in my WordPress coments, is it a problem with the PHP codes or the CSS style codes? T_T

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