New beginnings

myphoto.jpg I first registered in 2001. I was 25 years old then and quite a different person. Like many vanity websites, my interest in maintaining and updating didn’t last long, and what work I did put into it was as much to play with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as to actually write any content. Nevertheless, while the drive lasted, I did manage to write a few short essays.

The website languished for a long while then, though I continued to use the domain name as my personal e-mail address and used the hosting space for a private forum for some of my old school friends. A long while ago, one of these friends suggested that I change the website to a blog, so as to make it easier to update it. In retrospect, he was right. The days when I was convinced that raw HTML on a plain text editor was the only way to work on my website are long gone. If I had switched to a blog format earlier, I might actually have gotten more done.

I’ll be adding those old essays that I’m not too embarrassed about as posts over the few days. After that, who knows.

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